Jael Toledo

The courage to simply be

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Jael was doing well with her therapy sessions, but she wanted to go the extra mile, she didn’t feel her communication channels represented her, she felt her name was just a therapist’s name, not a brand. She didn’t know how to position herself and was tired of her constant and constant change.


We gave Jael Toledo a voice on its own. PATH Therapy is now a safe space, one where empathy, trust, and honesty collide to give your true self the courage to simply be. Is a brand visually created for women to make them feel in a safe space. Her social media is associated with a whiteboard as the main tool for learning. Jael teaches you about yourself in a visual, audible, and kinesthetic way, guiding you closer to your true self.

Jael increased her therapy session rate by 30% in only one year. She is fully booked, and if you are looking for a session with her you must book one month in advance.