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Brands, please keep your promises

If you have not seen this documentary, please do so, that is the first step. Then we will learn the importance of keeping your promises as a brand. Remember, promises are meant to be kept.  

Here I leave the preview of the new NETFLIX documentary:

Pepsi, Where is My Jet?

The Background

The new Netflix documentary takes us back to a story from the 90s. Close your eyes for a moment and let your imagination run wild. In the 90s there was no better marketing than that made by soda brands, such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi. A never-end marketing war called the Cola Wars. Coca-Cola has always been the market leader and Pepsi entered the market as the underdog. But, as every “disadvantage” brings its advantages, this came with creativity and a marketing budget to position Pepsi as the cool brand in town, for the younger generation. In fact, Pepsi’s marketing can be seen many times as a hit, but let me tell you, a jet, was a miss. See the following commercial and let me explain.

Pepsi Harrier Jet Commercial

The Case

After seeing this commercial, which explained that Pepsi drinkers could get stuff with Pepsi points, and where the grand finale shows how a Harrier Jet will cost 7 million Pepsi Points, Jhon Leonard, 20 years old boy, really wrapped his head around how he was going to be able to get those seemingly impossible points and get that Jet! (By the way, do you think it was a legitimate offer by Pepsi?  There was no disclaimer, whatsoever 😉 ) I am not going to ruin the series for you (If you haven’t seen it) but hey, this boy found that loophole and asked “Pepsi, where is my jet?” This is an amazing story between marketing and ambition that got to court. What happened? The judge said that no reasonable person would believe that the advert constituted a serious offer. I probably just ruined the series for you! But the purpose of this marketing case study is to learn why brand promises must always be kept, even if they sound stupid, and even with the 96’s judge’s opinion.

Lesson: Do what you say

Brands need to make sure their actions meet their words. The argument of: “We didn’t take it that seriously” will not work in 2023. Keep your promises, for your brand’s sake. 

This lesson not only works for things the brand communicates in its different marketing and advertising campaigns but for the overall brand promise.  See here our branding work

What is a Brand Promise?

A company’s brand promises encompass what customers can expect when interacting and having a direct and indirect experience with the brand, from its messaging to its customer service. When you have built a strong brand identity and you have clear messaging your brand promise can be easily identified by your customers.  A brand promise, in short, is what your customer can expect to get every time they interact with you. See here our branding work

Some examples:

Walmart: “Save money. Live better.”
Marriott: “Quiet luxury. Crafted experiences. Intuitive service.”
Wegmans: “Consistent low prices.”
H&M: “More fashion choices that are good for people, the planet, and your wallet. (Let’s see if they keep this one! :😉

Brands, please keep your promises

Let us help you identify your promises and communicate them with the world. And you, just keep them!

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