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Olivia Three Best Friends

If you have a minute, let me tell you Olivia’s story. Her biggest mistake was wanting to belong everywhere, but at the same time nowhere, promising what she couldn’t stand up for, and pretending to be someone she was not. This made Olivia feel uncomfortable and the people around her just thought she didn’t add any value to the table. But fortunately, Olivia got some luck when Hermione, Parker, and Kim appeared in her life. And well, this is the story of how each friend helped Olivia straighten her path. 


Smarty girl, don’t argue with her pretending your strategy will be best, it will not. Don’t even give it a try. With only a few words Hermione understood the problem loud and clear. Olivia didn’t know who she was, wasn’t clear about what she liked and did not, and didn’t know where she wanted to go. By not having a clear essence or identity, she frequently changed, trying to adapt, making others feel she wasn’t trustworthy. After sharing some drinks, and opening to her deepest fears, passions, and stories, Olivia built up confidence and decided to define, with passion and purpose, who she was and where she was going. Now she was clear about which community she wanted to be part of. 


Is all about the looks. Beautiful girl, always with the perfect outfit, and top-notch fashion, who knows how to pull it off everywhere she goes. Parker was the perfect friend to dress Olivia at her welcome party with her new community. She changed Olivia’s total look, which fitted perfectly with the rest of the attendees. Olivia felt she belonged, but didn’t get lost in the crowd, as her outfit also represented how she differed. 


Was ready to meet her new friend Kim. Kim was everywhere and loved to show the world everything about her life. She took Olivia to the biggest parties, posted cool photos on her Instagram, shared some Tik Toks, and introduced her to important people from the community. 

After Hermione, Parker, and Kim, the whole Community not only knew who Olivia was, but they were also sure what to expect from her. 

Olivia, my dear friend, is not a person, Olivia is a brand that makes friends with Strategy (Hermione), Design (Parker), and Awareness (Kim).

Be Olivia. 

Con amor,


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