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Remember, not all creatives are artists. 

How to trust yourself when creating? 

How to overcome the fear? How to eliminate your inner voice who constantly reminds you that you might fail, that you might get judged, that others might not perceive the value of what you are sharing. It’s scary to think what others might think of you. Is just how many of us are wired. 

I’m not just talking about what pops into your mind when you read the word creativity, which might perhaps be accompanied by the names of La Mona Lisa, The Beatles, and Picasso. Remember, not all creatives are artists. 

When I talk about people who create, you can work on a big or a small company, you can be a business owner, or a logo free-lancer, you can be just anyone with ideas and a passion to share. Ideas that transform into thriving business’s, into a new packaging, into Instagram content, or a completely innovative product. To create is to transform, to give value, to be courageous. 

So well, how to trust yourself when creating? Let me be a heart breaker, you will never do so. This feeling, this emotion is what pushes you further, to create even better ideas and improve them beyond what you can even imagine. Don’t loose hope, you can learn how to dance with it, get used to the feeling, and even if this emotion is stuck with you, do the work, get the job done. Let this emotion be your gentleman or your muse, who accompanies you throughout the process. 

Here comes the advice, stick to the process, make love to the process, trust it. Redirect your mind from the outcome to the process, let the outcome follow. Let me make it easier for you with an example. If your objective is to grow your online community because you want to make sales through your website, focus on the content and in the creative process each piece of content requires. When your mind is stuck with the objective, not only will you probably dislike the process and waste valuable time, but you will also have a poor performance. Your mind will not be in creative mode, but on a numeric, strategic set up. If you operate this way, how will your creativity explode? How will you give valuable content? How will your brand/business make it? 

Trust the process. Be courageous.

This blog is written by a Latina woman which first thought when she started to write was: How am I going to write in English? Are my ideas worth sharing?

I’m dancing with my fears.

Con amor,


Brand Strategist at CREA.

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